Second teen murdered along east side corridor

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UPDATE: All charges against DeAngelo Hill have been dismissed. 

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 15, 2014)-- Flowers, candles and stuffed animals mark another memorial where a teenager has been killed on Indianapolis' east side.

The killing of Tajh Johnson, 19, in the 3300 block of Butler Ave., marked the second murder of a teen along the E. 34th St. corridor.

A week ago another teen was slain as he rode his bicycle less than a mile away.

An investigator tells Fox59 News that IMPD is searching for a person of interest with gang connections for the killing of Johnson.

"I'm guessing its over a friendship because he wanted to be friends with my brother but my brother he really wasn't into that stuff," said Tymar Johnson. "He said, 'I'm gonna hang out with my cousin more because he's family.'"

Johnson said his brother was ambushed as he walked home last Friday night.

"I'm guessing this guy was just following him around and they came to a point where he came from around the tree saying, 'I got you now, the N word and the B word,' and shot four times."

Johnson was headed home to the Hawthorne Place Apartments which were the site of the murder of James Johnson, 16, at a playground in the summer of 2013.

The two Johnsons, and their cases, were not related.

Indianapolis' homicide rate stands at 104, its murder rate at 96. A year ago those numbers were 91 and 81 respectively.

Investigators say an impediment to solving crime is the refusal of victims to cooperate with detectives.

In non-fatal shootings, approximately 60 percent of the surviving victims won't lend a hand to investigators, saying often they are either afraid or will resolve the issue themselves

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