American flags stolen from Columbus neighborhood

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By Aishah Hasnie

COLUMBUS, Ind. (Sept. 16, 2014)--  Columbus police are investigating at least three reports of American flags stolen from homes in the Tipton Lakes neighborhood over the weekend.

The Tipton Lakes Community Association said there have been reports that several more people may have been victimized when someone snatched up their flags right off the front of their homes sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. They are urging those victims to file a police report.

Longtime resident Case Koorn called the police Sunday morning when he noticed his flag was missing.

“The officer said I was the second call that morning,” he told FOX59. “You’re upset. You’re violated. And you think, now, is it just mischievous kids? Or is it a political statement?”

According to the neighborhood association, someone found a pile of flag poles behind some bushes, but police said no one has been arrested. Detectives are following tips about a young man and a white passenger car seen hanging around the area around the same time the flags disappeared.

“It’s a symbol of the freedoms that we have and what we can do within our country,” said Koorn as he stood in front of the new flag he put up. He didn’t want the suspect or suspects to think they’d defeated him.

Koorn, an immigrant from Holland with a son-in-law serving in the Navy, says whoever stole his flag took more than just a piece of fabric.

“Why are there 50 stars? Why are there 13 stripes? Where did the colors come from? What’s the reason behind all this?” he asked out loud. “It’s an expression about the freedoms that we have and... don’t take them away from me.”