Owner speaks with FOX59 after man is accused of killing cat with blow darts

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INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 17, 2014) – An Indianapolis man is accused of killing a cat by hitting it with several blow darts.cat

According to a police report, Amy Cohran went looking for her cat late Tuesday night and found several blow darts sticking out from her pet’s body. She rescued the one-year-old cat "Tippy" three months ago.

"Tippy what did you get into, and I said what was all over your face, did you get into cobwebs?" said Cohran. "He looked up at me and I just yelled and he looked like he said 'Mommy, get these out of me!'"

Cohran said she only knew one person with a blow gun, a neighbor named Jeremiah Long.

Jeremiah Long

Jeremiah Long

Police went to Long’s home in the 100 block of Kansas Street and asked the 22-year-old if he had a blow gun.

He “immediately said, ‘yes’ and ‘I shot the cat because it was fighting with my cat,’” according to the report.

Long reiterated that the animals were fighting and the officer asked him if he thought shooting the cat with “6-7 darts” was “excessive and cruel.”

Long said he didn’t think so and told the officer he didn’t call police because he “did not think it was important.”

X-rays show 10 blow darts hit Tippy, each dart about four inches long. The darts were in the cat's face, back, legs, and even in his rectum.
cat 2

When asked if he’d want to know if a neighbor had shot his cat, Long said he would like to know.

Long was arrested on a count of beating a vertebrate animal. Indianapolis Animal Care and Control also issued a citation.

The cat was taken to a local veterinarian but later died.

"I asked the vet if I could say goodbye to him and hold on to his paw. They put him to sleep and he saw me." said Cohran. "I told him that I was prosecuting the man that did this to him, and he was going to cat heaven now, and he was not going to feel any more pain."

Long is due in court Sept. 22.

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