Historic cabin, family-run winery highlight Your Town Friday in Sheridan

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SHERIDAN (Sept. 19, 2014) - It is believed Sheridan started out as a town called Millwood back in the 1860s, but the origins are unclear after the town’s records and buildings were destroyed in a fire in the early 1900s.

Today, the Hamilton County community’s downtown historic district encompasses about four blocks along Main Street. Many of the historic buildings built after the fire remain intact today.

At the north end of Main Street you’ll find Veteran’s Park, home to the Boxley Cabin which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

“It (was) built in 1828 by a man who was the first white settler in the township, his name is George Boxley, and he was originally from Virginia,” says Marty Hudson, docent for Boxley Cabin.

Marty says the Boxley family lived in the cabin through the Civil War until they built a mansion nearby, which is no longer there today. She believes Boxley Cabin may have been a school for a while, then a band practice space and then it was left empty in near ruins for quite some time until the Sheridan Historical Society came to the rescue.

“(It’s) a big draw, we hope, we have quite a bit of traffic coming through here, people who go to library for special events in the community room, people drift up here to see the inside and hear the story,” Marty says.

The cabin is set up much like how it would’ve been back in 1828. Visitors can tour the inside by setting up an appointment or by stopping by on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer season.

Now some of what you may find in Sheridan may make your mouth water. We’re talking fried pickles, breaded cauliflower, mushrooms, onion rings, French fries, jumbo tenderloins and a vanilla chocolate twist.

You’ll find that and much more just a few blocks southeast of downtown Sheridan at Twin Kiss Drive In. Husband and wife team, Bruce and Carol Niemann, bought Twin Kiss in 1989. However, the Drive In was built back in 1956 and everything you see has pretty much stayed the same over the last 58 years.

“People stop by after school, during school, it’s very community orientated, a close knit community, we know about 90% of our customers,” Bruce says.

Now if you’re looking for something sweet—more along the lines of an adult beverage—then you need to head about seven miles north to newly opened Blackhawk Winery.

“The tasting room is in with the winery,” says owner John Miller. “You see barrels, you smell fermenting wine, it’s a fun experience.”

John and his wife Deb focus on Indiana varietals and grapes grown in the Midwest.

“In Sheridan there is a Sheridan grape vine, so we actually have Sheridan grapes. The first harvest off those gave us enough to play with and kind of see what type of wine it makes, but we’ll be the only winery in the country making Sheridan wine.”

What started out as a hobby for the family has turned into a successful business along central Indiana’s wine trail.

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