Moped rider recovering after being hit by alleged drunk driver with suspended license

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By Nicole Pence

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 23, 2014)-- An Indianapolis man will be back in front of a judge Wednesday charged, again, for driving drunk.

Mark Fultz, 48, was arrested Saturday after crashing his 1998 Ford Mustang convertible into a man riding a moped on Hamilton Avenue.

Mark Fultz

Mark Fultz

Antwion Conway, 23, was riding the moped and broke his leg after the crash: "They could have easily killed me that night, easily."

Police preliminary charged Fultz with two counts of drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

Conway talked with FOX59 from Eskenazi Hospital, where he is recovering after breaking his femur in the accident.

"There is now a metal rod in my leg. You never know in a split second, after a good conversation with your brothers and then plan to play ball the next day and then riding down the street and have a terrible accident," said Conway.

Conway says Fultz ran him off the road, and he woke up under the Mustang.

"We were going head to head towards each other. I flashed my lights a little bit. It`s like they didn`t see me at all," said Conway.

Conway was not wearing a helmet while riding his moped.

Antwion Conway recovering at the hospital following the accident.

Antwion Conway recovering at the hospital following the accident.

"My leg was hurting so bad. And I was just hollering," said Conway.

Court documents show Fultz was convicted of drunk driving in 2006. Fultz has been arrested more than five times for public intoxication. He was driving on a suspended license Saturday night when he hit Conway.

"I wouldn`t want this to have this happen to anyone or for anyone to drive under the influence. They deserve to get locked up," said Conway.

Formal charges against Mark Fultz are expected to be filed Wednesday before his court hearing at 1 p.m.

Conway hopes to be out of the hospital and start therapy at home by the end of the week.