Starbucks testing latte that tastes like beer

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(September 23, 2014) – Starbucks has begun testing a latte that tastes like beer.

It’s called Dark Barrel Latte, but it doesn’t have any alcohol.

According to Grubstreet, the hot drink is built on a standard base of espresso and steamed milk, but instead of fragrant pumpkin-pie spices, this one gets caramel and “stout flavored” sauce, which baristas have been instructed to tell customers tastes like “roasted malt.”

It also has whipped cream and a dark caramel drizzle.

Grubstreet also reports that the chain’s marketing materials say that the flavor was inspired by the “rise of craft beers.”

The latte is available in some Starbucks locations in Ohio and Florida.

However, the company isn’t sharing any information about whether the test could expand to other cafes.

So is a latte that tastes like beer a good thing?

Social-media users were mostly split about the idea Monday.

“At last! You no longer have to choose between beer and coffee,” wrote one Twitter user.

But others were horrified.

“This is a mistake,” wrote another.

“If I wanted to taste beer, why wouldn’t I just drink beer?” added another user.