Break your phone? Learn how to save a few bucks when getting it fixed

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By Scott Jones

(Sept. 25, 2014) - What factors should people consider if they're in the market for a smart phone?

“Consumers should find out how much memory their current phone has, how much of it they’re using, and what they think they’ll need in the future,” said Jeffery Heller, owner of Indy Iphone Repair.

Heller also says, if you're nearly out of memory, you can always upload your songs, photos and saved items to the cloud.

If you’re concerned about the security of information stored in the cloud, it's probably time to buy new because as you approach your phone’s limit, you won’t be able to do much with your phone.

“It was horrible. I had bought a Samsung Mega Phone and I dropped it maybe 4 inches and the screen glass shattered. I was so sad,” said Katie Craft.

Craft took her phone back to the place where she bought so it could be fixed. She discovered replacing the glass on her “Mega-Phone” would be mega expensive.

“They wanted $250 for a new screen, which was a little out of my budget because I only paid $200 for my phone, so I took it to the owner of Indy Iphone Repair and he fixed the glass for about $120.”

Don't let the name fool you, the “Indy Iphone Repair" guy and his staff fix all kinds of phones. They also do battery replacement and data recovery.

Generally, they’ll do it for about half what you'll pay at most places. They buy the parts in bulk and pass on the savings to customers.

“A lot of places have bigger overhead, but where we are, the overhead isn't as big, so we offer a bigger discount,” said Heller.

Sometimes even Heller’s shop, located at 6433 E. Washington St., can't beat certain Apple prices! For example, If you have the latest iPhone 6, or are considering buying one, you might want to consider getting "Apple Care Plus."

If you don’t and you break the glass, it will cost you more than $300 to get it fixed! But with Apple Care Plus, Apple will replace the front glass twice a year for about $100.

There's also the question when to buy the new product. Try to wait, if you can. Major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy will often have deals as soon as two weeks after a phone debuts! If you can wait about 11 months, surveys show prices can plunge up to 70 percent.

Whether it's the processing, the aging battery, or the glass, many phones can be fixed. Make sure to let the experts handle it and don’t try to do it yourself.

“Yeah, we are constantly seeing people trying to fix their own phones. A lot of people try to do it and then they bring us their phone in a plastic bag, in pieces,” said Heller.

Another tip: shop around, especially for inexpensive quality repairs.

“We'll replace the screen on the 3G for $30, on the iPhone 4 and 4S for $60, and it’s $80 for the 5 series. Apple may charge you double to triple that,” said Heller.

The one piece of advice you should follow whether you’re getting a new phone, or keeping the one you have—buy a case!

Almost all broken phones are not protected by a case because owners like the look of them as a sleek phone. But a little protection is better than a broken phone.