Gorgeous span of weather through the weekend; dry spell looks to continue

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(Sept. 25, 2014) - Does anyone else find it ironic that it took us getting into fall to officially have temperatures that feel summer-like?  The cool mornings and mild, pleasant days will continue for at least another week as the Omega blocking pattern continues.  We warned you last week that it could be a little bit of time before we see the next real chance for rain here in the city.  It looks like that is certainly going to be the case.  

Here's a look at high temperatures:

RPM Temps

Nice weekend shaping up

Your weekend is looking fantastic with highs both Saturday and Sunday potentially hitting the 80s.  Clear skies and pleasant conditions should persist.  The cool mornings are not expected to be as chilly as the past couple of mornings here in the state with overnight lows mostly staying above 50 degrees.  The city will continue to see the warmest overnight low temperatures due to winds coming in out of the east to the northeast.

The average high for this time of the year is 74 degrees so we should count our blessings for each and every 80-degree day we see from here to the end of the year.  The average morning low temperature is 52, and we will be close to that each morning.  Sunrise over the weekend will occur around 7:40 with the sun setting just after 7:30 both days.

How long again until the next rain?

It could be a while.  At this point it looks like our next rain chance will be a week from this Friday.  Things can certainly change but it looks like the dry stretch will continue at least through the weekend and really beyond.

The reason for the dry spell is due to what we call an omega block or an omega high.  Basically the pattern we are in is making it difficult for weather systems to move in and out.  We have high pressure nearly right on top of us with low pressure areas to our west and to our east.  I explained this a little in yesterday’s blog but essentially we won’t see a change in our weather until this pattern breaks down.  The setup of the pattern makes that difficult as it feeds on itself.   We are the big winners in this with nice weather lasting for a while.  Enjoy it!