Guns, jewelry stolen after home burglary in Franklin

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FRANKLIN (Sept. 25, 2014) – Someone broke into a Franklin home Wednesday night, stealing several guns and pieces of jewelry.

According to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the homeowner returned to his house on 550 East around 5:20 Wednesday night to find a window open in his kitchen. A shotgun he keeps near the front door was also missing.

He saw that the window had been pried open, immediately left the house along with his daughter and called police. Someone had also been in the garage, where the intruder stole a case with three batteries, a charger, an impact driver and a cordless drill. Several other items had been moved around inside, but those were the only items missing.

Inside the home, several items were missing from a storage room on the west side of the residence. They included three rifles, a shotgun, rifle scopes and a pair of knives. A metal file cabinet had been opened and damaged in the room, but nothing was missing, the report said.

The kitchen window was open and its lock broken; that’s where investigators believe the intruder got inside. In the family room, a Blu-ray player and satellite box had been moved and their cables disconnected. Nothing had been taken from the room.

The thief’s presence in the master bedroom wasn’t hard to detect, police said. The mattress had been moved off the box springs and several drawers were opened. The homeowner said a Glock was missing from one of the drawers. While the gun was loaded, an extra magazine next to it was not taken.

The intruder took a jewelry box, and several pieces of jewelry were reported missing, including a wedding anniversary band, a class ring, necklaces, earrings and pendants.