Doctors reporting increase in strep, sinus infections

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By Aishah Hasnie

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 26, 2014)-- Central Indiana doctors have noticed an increase in cases of strep throat and sinus infections as Hoosiers transition into the fall season.

St. Vincent doctors say the uptick in sinus related illnesses is usually allergy related or viral. It’s very rare that people get bacterial infections that require antibiotics.

Strep is much more serious and could be passed around by young adults who are now back at school.

"Usually with strep, they get a fever with a sore throat. they don't have viral symptoms like runny nose, coughing," said Dr. Roya Mojarrad with St. Vincent Family Medicine. “If they're having shortness of breath, if they've having fever, definitely we'd like to see them to make sure it's not pneumonia."

She added that people who are suffering from a sinus infection not accompanied by a fever should try to treat the illness at home before rushing to a doctor.

"The main thing is keeping hydrated,” said Dr. Mojarrad. “They need to drink a lot of water, rest… washing the sinus with the saline; it's over the counter."

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