We still have at least a week to go until the next rain chance

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(Sept. 26, 2014) - Something lost in the discussion this week with the pleasant weather around has been the return of the heavy snow and icing report.  The report and the addition of the snow data set always takes a break over the summer and comes back every fall.  With Monday being the first official day of fall the report started up this week. 

The first discussion was a short one, saying only that "the probability of significant icing and/or snow is less than 10 percent.”  The discussion is for the entire country.  Why do I bring it up?  Well, for me it is just another reminder to enjoy this late season sunshine and weather because temperatures will start to head south soon enough.

Omega block continues

As for our weather it looks like we will continue to see a nice stretch of weather thanks to high pressure.  In fact the high that is stuck right on top of us is only intensifying meaning that our already close to zero chance for rain is even lower!  Highs today should be near 80 degrees with another fantastic day expected.  Winds will be out of the east at 4 – 7 mph and a little variable.


You almanac for today shows an average high of 73 degrees for today with a 30-year average low of 52 degrees.  The record high for today is 91 with a record low of 37.  Sunrise occurs at 7:36 with the sun setting at 7:36 tonight.  That’s right today has exactly 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of “darkness!”

When may we see some rain again?:

It looks like our next solid chance for rain will come in a week with a potent and large system sliding in from the west.  This system may bring severe weather to some parts of the country and it is too early to suggest a risk area at this time.  I will say it appears the strongest of the storms would occur south of the state but obviously things including the forecast and likely track of strong storms are all likely to change.  I hope you get to enjoy another fantastic day!

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