Local realtors practice safety after Arkansas agent found dead

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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 30, 2014) -- Real estate agents across the country are reacting to the news that an Arkansas agent was found dead Tuesday, with safety being re-emphasized as a way to honor her.

Authorities found Beverly Carter's body in Arkansas, with a man already jailed for her alleged kidnap and murder.

That news has rocked the realty community, since Carter was showing a home when she went missing.

Indianapolis agent Morna Patrick does a lot of little things when she goes to show a home for local agency Keller Williams. Many of those things surround her personal safety.

"A lot of us have our own rules that we follow, in terms of when we’re showing property. Things that we do to protect ourselves," Patrick said.

The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors, or MIBOR, tweeted out a list of safety tips to their members. Spokesperson Claire Belby said it's a topic that's been on the minds of everyone since Carter's disappearance last week.

"Realtors are in contact with people that they haven’t met before," Belby said.

Belby said that common tips are to meet with a client in the office first, use the buddy system with new clients and always let someone know where you're going.

Those are tips Patrick uses all the time.

"I’ve had a couple appointments where I thought, 'Hmm, I’m not feeling comfortable.' So I will only go if I have someone that can go with me," Patrick said.

Belby also said everyone can help in the effort. If a real estate agent asks you for a lot of information up front, she hopes you'll understand.

"Know that they’re doing it because they’re staying safe. They’re keeping you safe. It’s for the greater good," Belby said.

For more tips on real estate agent safety, go the link MIBOR sent out here.