Pence for President? More national attention brings more speculation

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INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 30, 2014) - Will he or won’t he? Political experts continue to speculate on whether Gov. Mike Pence will run for President in 2016. And a recently announced campaign stop in New Hampshire is only fueling the speculation.

One national political writer says he thinks Pence could win his party’s nomination. According to writer Matthew Yglesias, “Pence certainly fits the bill.”

Yglesias penned an article Tuesday spelling out ‘7 reasons Mike Pence will be the GOP nominee in 2016’

“His past congressional experience means he's known to DC players,” said Yglesias. “In his congressional days, he made regular media appearances and is prepared to talk about a range of policy issues and field questions from the national press.”

Pence was asked about his presidential ambitions after his recent trip to Iowa, where he attended a conference with other Midwestern governors.

“We had a great trip to Iowa,” Pence told reporters earlier this month. “I was delighted to be there, but my focus is Indiana.”

But state Democrats aren't impressed. Tuesday state chair John Zody spoke with FOX59 about the governor's trip to New Hampshire and other New England states next month, where he’ll campaign for candidates in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

“When you’re talking about presidential politics, you’ve got a governor who seems to be more interested in that then he is in being governor,” said Zody. “A lot of challenges are facing the state of Indiana and I think the trip to New Hampshire is a sign that his focus is elsewhere.”

“The governor’s spending a lot of time here in Indiana and is doing what is expected of him to help his cohorts,” said state GOP chairman Tim Berry. “He’s been a huge benefit for many of these Republican governors running for election or re-election and we should expect to see him in high demand in the next few weeks as these races tighten up before November 4th.”

“He’s got to make a decision,” said Zody. “And I think it’s important he make his intentions clear with Hoosiers in the very near future so we can stay focused on the business of the state of Indiana, which is exactly what he should be doing.”