Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition shares its peaceful mantra with Ferguson

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By Eric Levy

FERGUSON, Mo. (Oct. 1, 2014) -- An Indianapolis group is sharing a mission of peace with a city going through civil unrest.

On Wednesday, members of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to meet with religious leaders and public safety officials. They wanted to share what they do in Indianapolis to keep peace in our streets. Three members of the Ten Point Coalition spoke about ways to have a bond between police and the community.

One thing that coalition members discussed was building a bridge between the two.

"We talked about the ingredients that makes that kind of relationship work," said Reverend Charles Ellis, with the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. "So certainly I think our suggestions would be helpful."

Peace is the mantra of the Ten Point Coalition and their volunteer members are on our streets engaging in the community, no matter what. Their hard work has proven itself here.

It seems rioting and civil unrest has become synonymous with Ferguson. Their streets have seen fighting since a police officer shot Michael Brown. It even escalated to the point that one of their officers was shot and wounded. That is why the Ten Point Coalition made the drive to Missouri to meet with the leader of a local church, and with a public safety official.

"We were able to suggest the things that kinda really got things kick started for us as an organization," said Rev. Ellis.

The Ten Point Coalition wanted to share its peaceful mantra.

"I think the information that we were able to bring, I think a lot of the people saw the value in it and the value in the work that we're doing here," said Rev. Ellis.

The Ten Point Coalition says they will make additional trips to Ferguson if need be.

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