Moms continue to target grocery store chain with open carry petitions

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INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 2, 2014) - A group of moms is back in the news on the issue of gun control.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America brought petitions to three different Kroger stores Thursday, asking the company to change its policy on guns, and prohibit open carry in their stores.

The same group launched similar efforts at Starbucks, Target, and Chipotle but Kroger officials say their policy isn`t likely to change, and today that debate played out right in the middle of the store.

“We hope that by bringing this to people’s attention, that policy will change,” said Melanie Sokhey with Moms Demand Action.

But gun rights supporters say policies like Kroger's are better for everyone's safety, especially in the frightening scenario of an active shooter who needed to be confronted and stopped.

“The whole strategy of going after these businesses to me makes no sense from a safety perspective,” said gun rights advocate Guy Relford.

“We will follow (the law) and we don’t have any intention of changing that policy and taking sides on a public policy issue that our customers are, frankly, divided on,” said Kroger spokesperson John Elliott.

“We need them to do more than listen at this point,” said Nicki McNally with Moms Demand Action. “We need them to step up and follow the lead of some of the other companies and make a change to their policy.”

Kroger issued a statement Thursday, which reads:

"The safety of our customers and associates is one of our most important company values. Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day and we don't want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun. That is why our long-standing policy on this issue is to follow state and local laws and to ask customers to be respectful of others while shopping. We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores."

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