Training video shows how to respond to active shooter situation in healthcare setting

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By Nicole Pence

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 6, 2014)-- A new training video shows what an active shooter situation would be like inside an Indianapolis hospital.

The video was created by the MESH Coalition and Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety (ICPS), a collaboration of the six major Indianapolis health-systems with the goal of improving the safety and quality of the Indianapolis healthcare system.

The video teaches workers how to respond to a shooter situation in a healthcare setting. It's the first video of its kind created for the Marion County healthcare system offered free-of-charge to all public and private providers.

"We need a simple message that people could remember," explained Dr. Charles Miramonti, ICPS Chair.

MESH Coalition and Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety (ICPS) worked with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police and the Department of Public Safety to create the eleven minute video focused on a three-word strategy: "Run - Hide - Fight."

"When we look back at cases over and over that is effective, and with active shooters, that is what saved lives,"Dr. Charles Miramonti.

The first step of the strategy encourages workers to run out of the hospital if possible, with hands up.

For healthcare workers, the first step may be the hardest part.

"Getting healthcare providers to understand yes, you may have to abandon in their patient for a while, but in the end you will survive and be there to take care of them," said Dr. Miramonti.

If someone cannot leave, they hide and should be ready to fight.

"This is the fight of your life. You fight dirty and fight ugly and fight to win. Anything you can do to off put your assailant. Anything that you can grab is a good weapon," explained Dr. Miramonti.

The video is a part of a larger training program for all healthcare providers in Marion County.

"All of the community is involved in responding to the active shooting, and the other scenarios, and we have to collaborate," explained MESH CEO Timothy Stephens.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

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