Forrest Lucas takes out ad, apologizes for wife’s Facebook tirade on minorities

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By Justin Mack
from our media partners at the Indianapolis Star

(Oct. 9, 2014) – Forrest Lucas has taken out a full-page ad in today’s edition of The Indianapolis Star in response to a controversial Facebook post in which his wife Charlotte Lucas criticizes certain minority groups for “ruining our country.”

Lucas, the Lucas Oil co-founder, says that although his wife did not intend to offend anyone, her comments were “harsh and insensitive.” The letter, along with a photo of the Lucases ran on page A12 of today’s paper.

“Her words were hurtful to many and disappointing to all,” Forrest Lucas writes. “Make no mistake, Charlotte feels extremely saddened by her actions and regrets the posting. She has issued an apology with the hope that it will be accepted as sincere.

“The reality is that the message posted on Charlotte’s Facebook pages does not reflect the feelings in her heart. Those who know Charlotte appreciate that she is a caring and loving person who has great respect for everyone.”

The Lucases maintain an Indianapolis residence among several other homes. The name of the company they founded in 1989 is also the namesake of the Indianapolis Colts stadium.

The original post from Charlotte Lucas drew international attention when it showed up online last Thursday, Oct. 2. Stories about her comments began appearing in news outlets as far away as Europe.

The post, which she later deleted, read:

“I’m sick and tired of minorities running our country! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think that atheists (minority), muslims (minority)n or any other minority group has the right to tell the majority of the people in the United States what they can and cannot do here. Is everyone so scared that they can’t fight back for what is right or wrong with this country?”

Today’s ad is the second apology this week.

In the U.K. Daily Mail, Charlotte Lucas was quoted as saying, “I apologize to everyone for the insensitive comments posted on my Facebook account. My comments did not reflect my personal views about any individual or minority group, only my frustration that our government system sometimes seems out of balance.

“We live in a great country, but the agenda for our elected officials is too often dictated by special interest groups.”

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Source: Indianapolis Star