Angie’s List announces $40 million expansion that will bring 1,000 new jobs

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INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 14, 2014) - Angie's List, the Indianapolis-based consumer reference network that lets members find contractors and services with a phone call or the click of a computer mouse, pushed all the right buttons to convince state and local officials to offer more than $25 million in potential aid to expand its east side headquarters and hire up to a thousand new employees.

The $40 million announcement will expand the company's East Washington Street campus and eventually add 1,800 new and relocated staff to its current workforce of 1,000 employees.

"We have a campus that has great work facilities, workout facilities, a day care, it's really become a community," said co-founder Angie Hicks, "and to be able to add in this area has been a fantastic opportunity. Our goal is to create a campus that has a 3,000-person employee base right here on the near east side of Indianapolis."

Despite recent setbacks, layoffs and corporate losses, Angie's List has grown to encompass several properties along the near east side corridor.

"When you come out of downtown you want this to look a certain way," said Mayor Greg Ballard, "and when you have a campus of this quality with that they're doing with the buildings obviously we're moving in that direction.

"It's always really beneficial to an area to have an anchor institution somebody who kind of owns the area."

The State of Indiana is offering $6.5 million in tax credits, $500,000 training grants and $2 million infrastructure improvements.

"We create an incentive structure that only becomes available to companies once those jobs arrive," said Gov. Mike Pence, "With a thousand jobs here now, 800 jobs are being consolidated, a thousand new jobs are gonna be created here those tax incentives will become available.

"This is the kind of company that could grow anywhere and the fact that you see Angie's List doubling down on our capital city, doubling down on a growing tech sector in Indianapolis, it's exciting news for Hoosiers."

Indianapolis will consider spending $9.6 million for parking garage for 1,000 vehicles and $6.75 million to purchase a former Ford Motor Company assembly plant in the 1300 block of East Washington Street from Indianapolis Public Schools for the expansion.

"This allows us to be more efficient as we're liquidating some of our assets," said IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee, "It's a positive for our taxpayers and our students and our families."

In August, Angie's List announced it was laying off 97 sales people after reporting an $18 million loss in the second quarter.

The expansion plans amount to a partial realignment of the Angie's List workforce.

"It'll be across our organization so it'll be technology, sales, customer service, product," said Hicks. "You're going to see it across the board."

"Every area needs an anchor institution," Ballard told dozens of employees at the headquarters announcement, "and you are it."

The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.