Have your cake and eat it too on National Dessert Day

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Photo courtesy of Kylee's Kitchen

(October 14, 2014) – Sure there’s a special day for chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and cheesecake, and those are all great. But there’s nothing better than a holiday that combines all of those sweet treats into one day – National Dessert Day!

So today you are free to indulge in whatever sweet treat you wish.

And believe it or not, having dessert for breakfast can actually help you lose weight. Researchers at the Tel Aviv University’s Wolfson Medical Centre have claimed that eating dessert for breakfast can help non-diabetic obese people lower their weight.

Technically, there are a few stipulations you should read before eating dessert for breakfast everyday, BUT on this special holiday we’re going to ignore the fine print!

Tell us what your favorite dessert is in our poll, and check out this homemade funfetti cupcake recipe from Kylee’s Kitchen for a delicious dessert option!

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