Arcadia’s town marshal to resign over handling of WWII veteran beating case

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By Marisela Burgos

ARCADIA, Ind. (Oct. 22, 2014)-- Arcadia’s town marshal will resign from his position on Friday after criticism he did not handle an investigation properly.

William Hickrod has served as the town marshal and chief of police for nearly two years. He was called to the home of Hershel Moore, 94, in early October. Moore was beat up and more than $2,000 was stolen from his home.

Hershel Moore

Hershel Moore

“I look(ed) the house over. (I) took photographers and everything and decided not to make –not to collect any evidence, you know, because everything was in disarray. It was in bad disarray,” Hickrod said.

Hickrod said he has received criticism for decisions he made after Moore was attacked. Hickrod left Moore’s house after he refused to go to the hospital. He also said he did not call for backup. Hickrod returned to Moore’s house after his family called him to return to the house.

“He told me it was just a waste of time to collect evidence and stuff. No. It’s not a waste of time and that’s what I told him. This is my dad,” Sandra Tolley said.

Hickrod argued differently.

“There was nothing in there that I thought needed to be collected and that’s what mushroomed all of this,” Hickrod said.

Tolley said she wanted more to be done in the beginning of the investigation. Moore’s family contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office in order to get help to solve the case. Hickrod said he planned to call the sheriff’s office about an hour or so after he started investigating to ask for guidance.

“Every human I know makes mistakes and maybe that was one of my mistakes. Everybody has to understand what police officers do in seconds, everybody else  can take and dissect it over a period of time,” Hickrod said.

Moore’s family is not satisfied with Hickrod’s answers.

“I just don’t feel like he’s done Arcadia justice and I just want to get somebody in there that can take interest in that town,” Tolley said.

Hickrod said he is not bitter. He said he does not plan to fight to keep his position. He said he stands by every decision he made. He will turn in his resignation on Friday to the town council and they can either reject it or accept it.

“I’m sorry for the man. I’m sorry he didn't feel welcome there, which is what he stated, but I feel like through his negligence he brought this on himself,” Tolley said.

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