Monroe Co. democrat allegedly caught ‘red-handed’ stealing GOP campaign signs

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By Charlie De Mar

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. (Oct. 24, 2014)- The Monroe County Sheriff's Office allegedly caught a member of the democratic party removing campaign signs belonging to the republican party.

Election day is more than a week away, and campaign signs can be seen just about everywhere in Monroe County, but a member of the local democratic party was allegedly caught red-handed removing signs that belonged to the republican party.

"I think it's very arrogant for her to think she is the policeman in this matter," said Steven Hogan, Monroe County Republican Chairman.

Sign wars are nothing new when it comes to election season. Politicians blaming other candidates for tampering with their signs, but there's usually little evidence to back those claims.

"Somebody got caught doing it," said Hogan.

That somebody was allegedly Pamela Davidson, a local attorney and democratic precinct chair for Richland Township.

"When somebody is seen taking down signs it's time to make an example," said Hogan.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office says Davidson was pulled over Thursday and seen removing campaign signs.

Davidson told FOX59 over the phone that she had a "conversation" with a member of law enforcement. She added that she was upset because the signs were placed on a public highway and in violation of campaign rules.

"You don't have the right to take signs down because you think it is in someplace inappropriate," said Hogan.

Davidson says it was a coincidence that the signs belonged to the republican party. She stressed that she did not target them.

"Our party never condones or coordinates or contributes to political sign destruction," said Trent Deckard, Monroe County Democratic Chairman.

"If she had a problem with it she should have called the state highway department or the authorities. It’s not her job to take someone else’s property," said Hogan.

Davidson was not arrested. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says they have turned the case over to the prosecutor's office. No charges have been filed.