Greenwood turning to Michigan left, double roundabout hybrid to handle traffic

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By Michael Henrich

GREENWOOD, Ind. (Oct. 24, 2014) -- The City of Greenwood is combining two ideas to handle a traffic issue stemming from its growing population.

In a hybrid of the Michigan left and double roundabout systems, Greenwood plans to alter the intersection of State Road 135 and Smith Valley Road in the coming years.

"We have such a huge congestion problem at the intersection of Smith Valley Road and State Road 135, that we've been looking for a way to fix it," said Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers.  "We have a new Walmart coming into that intersection.  We have other business building around that intersection [and] we have homeowners looking to sell their properties to developers, so we know it’s going to continue to grow."

As part of the plan, drivers would no longer have the option of turning left.  Instead, those vehicles would proceed through the intersection to a roundabout, where they would then turn around and have the option of turning right toward the direction they originally sought.

The plan has already been approved by the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the federal government will pay for 80 percent of the construction costs, Myers said.

The city will pay the remaining construction costs and the design costs with implementation expected in 2017.