On the Record: Secretary of State candidates sound off

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INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 24, 2014) - The race for Secretary of State is getting particularly tense, after accusations of voter intimidation and potentially illegal campaign mailings.

Democrat Beth White is going after Republicans this week – White wants her opponent, current Secretary of State Connie Lawson, to provide more information about potential challenges to people on the inactive voter rolls.

“This information is being used to intimidate and disenfranchise voters and it needs to stop,” said White in a Wednesday news conference outside the Statehouse, of which you can see portions in the video above.

Lawson responded to the accusations in an interview with FOX59 on Thursday.

“Was I upset to hear she said that? Yeah, it bothered me a lot,” said Lawson. “It’s simply not true. Both the Democrat and Republican state parties asked for the same information off the voter registration lists.”

Meantime, Republicans are planning on filing a complaint against White’s campaign for potentially illegal campaign flyers, which didn’t include the required disclaimer that shows who’s paying for it. White says the information was sent to the printer, but was inadvertently excluded.

“I take responsibility for the disclaimer correction,” said White. “But the more important thing is that there are voters in the state of Indiana whose rights are being violated.”

Both candidates sat down with FOX59 for this week's edition of "On the Record" - the interview with White (posted below) was taped before Wednesday's announcements involving the campaign flyers and absentee ballot issues.