Quiet, offense at work? Peyton Manning frustrated with scoreboard operator

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DENVER (Oct. 24, 2014) – “Quiet, offense at work.”

It took a couple of seasons, but Indianapolis football fans quickly learned to stay quiet when Peyton Manning and the offense were on the field.

Someone better tell whoever’s in charge of the scoreboard at Denver Broncos games.

Manning became agitated during Thursday night’s win over the San Diego Chargers when House of Pain’s “Jump Around” blared inside the stadium while the offense was on the field. Cornerback Aqib Talib really got into it, and so did the fans.

It happened on Denver’s last possession of the game. They were already up 35-21 as the two minute warning approached.

But Manning, ever the perfectionist, didn’t appreciate the disruption.

“I have no problem with our fans, our fans are great,” Manning said after the game. “I’ve got a problem with our scoreboard operator. I’ve got to have a little talk with him.”

That wasn’t Manning’s sole concern either. He didn’t like seeing Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers—Public Enemy No. 1 enemy for Broncos fans—on the big screen repeatedly.

“I’m not sure what he’s doing,” Manning said. “He’s playing music and showing players dancing and getting the crowd fired up when we have the ball. I don’t think we should be doing that. I don’t think we should be showing their quarterback on the sideline. I thought it was disrespectful. Our fans were great, our fans were loud, but the scoreboard operator, it wasn’t his best night.”

Colts fans are well acquainted with No. 18’s dry sense of humor, but it didn’t seem like he was kidding this time.

Sources: NFL.com and Yahoo Sports