‘Your Town Friday’ heads to Danville

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DANVILLE (Oct. 24, 2014) - This morning Your Town Friday is in Danville!

You’ll find the Hendricks County town about 20 miles west of downtown Indianapolis. This community may be small but it packs some big history, dating back to 1824. They go all out during the fall Halloween season!

Danville’s motto: “A great place to spend an hour or a lifetime.” Whether you’re looking to move or just looking to visit, Town Manager Gary Eakin says the community has a lot of pride.

“That sense of pride that says I’m from Danville, I’m proud to be from Danville, and that goes from local government to downtown businesses to the high school,” he says.

Right now Danville’s historic square has been taken over by the crows! Every October locals and visitors enjoy the annual Scarecrow Display. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations work together to create handcrafted scarecrows for the courthouse lawn. The early October Scarecrow Contest really brings out the creativity in Danville.

Another spooktacular must-see, must-do in Danville this fall season: a visit to Haunted Hargrave Hall.

“We feature the fact that Hargrave is supposedly really haunted, we decorate throughout, different rooms to scare just about everyone,” says recreation coordinator Stanley Wilson.

While Haunted Hargrave Hall may not be as big as other area haunted houses, it’s still quite frightening and affordable.

“Scare-wise, we’re right there with the other haunted houses. We keep it cheap. The people of Danville come to bring their families for $5 apiece instead of spending $50 or $60 to go to a haunted house,” he says.

While there is some great new development in the town and fun activities for all, there are also many great spots where you can “step back in time.” If you grew up in the 60s then chances are you were a big Andy Griffith fan. Well, you can take a little trip to Mayberry for yourself by heading to Danville for some good home cookin’ at the very popular Mayberry Café.

Brad and Christine Born opened Mayberry Café 25 years ago on Friday the 13th and they’ve only had great success ever since.

“We have fried chicken, prime rib, BBQ beef brisket, homemade lasagna, homemade pastas and soups, it’s home-style cooking,” says Christine. “I can’t imagine the restaurant anywhere else. Danville, to me, personifies Americana and small town living, the best values, as does Mayberry, so it really works well together. A lot of locals, a lot of tourists seem to enjoy the throwback to a calmer time, a quieter time.”

Old Andy Griffith episodes play on TVs, the inside is decked out in memorabilia and the squad car is parked out front!

Now if you want to go even further back in time, head over to the Hendricks County Historical Museum. It was built in 1866 and served as the sheriff’s home and county jail until 1974. It’s now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It’s a county-owned building, the commissioners take care of exterior, friends take care of interior. We have 40 volunteers to take care of the facility,” says tour coordinator Sally Lawson.

Inside the museum you’ll find items relating to education, agriculture, military history and domestic life.

“We love to take people through the museum and show them what the home was like,” Sally says.

The big hit, though, is the jail! Many visitors say it’s the best kept secret in the county.

“We have a section for the women, and a section for the men back in the time, even in 1974, we only had room for 16 men, and only room for 2 women, times have certainly changed here in Hendricks County.”

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