FOX59 takes action after Brownsburg woman’s tree was cut down without permission

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. (Nov. 7, 2014)-- A woman in Brownsburg is angry after someone cut down a tree in her backyard without her permission.

Debra Beaumont came home Tuesday to find her big Ash tree was gone.

“I came home… and let my dog out… and I thought ‘Something’s not right here.’ And I then I realized my 40-year-old Ash tree was gone. Cut down and gone.”

Beaumont was horrified. The tree was part of the reason why she and her husband bought the property in the first place.

“We bought the lot knowing that it was on the tree line,” she said. “It’s more than a tree. It’s the value of our property. It’s privacy.”

After some investigating, she found out the house behind her was on the market and said the leasing company, Main Street Renewal, admitted to her that it had made a mistake.

“They said that the tree service could’ve went to the wrong address and then they called us back and offered us $500 compensation,” said Beaumont. “$500? That’s not even enough to take the tree stump out.”

Now the home that she and her husband built 16 years ago is missing an important piece.

“What right do people have to come and take other people’s property and not be held accountable?”

FOX59 took action and called Main Street Renewal to find out if they would reconsider their offer. A representative agreed to discuss a different payment with Beaumont and told her they would come back with a new estimate by Monday.

Beaumont says she understands mistakes happen; she and her husband just want the company to make a fair effort to fix it.

"We just want what’s right,” said Beaumont.

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