Hunters discover human skeletal remains on city’s south side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 7, 2014) -- There's a mystery unraveling on the southwest side after human skeletal remains were found by two hunters Thursday.

The men say they were hunting in a wooded area off West Thompson Road near 465 and Harding Street and couldn't believe what they found.

Jason Curnett and Ken Brewer are used to coming across dead animals, it is all part of being a hunter. Finding bones that belong to a person is not what comes with hunting, but it was their reality Thursday night.

"It was just kind of an empty feeling there," Brewer said.

The men say they were just wrapping up their hunting excursion, and noticed a scooter. They decided to check it out, and found the bones and more.

"Scooter was sitting here, cell phone was on the little foot thing, and then there was a backpack and then over there, there was a skull, and then all the bones was like here and scattered all the way down to there," Curnett said as he pointed out where everything was that they saw in that wooded area.

Brewer said the first thing he did was call the authorities, "to double check everything and see where it goes from there."

Detective removed what they could of the bones, but there were still some that hadn't been collected. It's not possible to say, at this point, who this person is or how he or she died because of the amount of body's decomposition. One thing is for sure, Curnett has mixed feelings now.

"What can you say? You know? Speechless. I'm just glad I helped find somebody's relative," he said.

Part of the police investigation will be to go through missing person's reports, and see if anybody was in that area. On Monday, the University of Indianapolis Forensic Anthropology Team will assist in collecting additional information in hopes of eventually putting a name on the bones.

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