Are you prepared for winter? Coldest weather yet possible late week

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Get your winter weather chores done now as the first real blast of winter cold looks likely to arrive at the end of this upcoming week.  Highs on Thursday could be the coldest we’ve seen since April with us forecasting highs in the 30s!  Next weekend could see a reinforcement of cold Canadian air pushing temperatures into the teens for wake up temperatures a week from this upcoming Monday.

Are you ready for the cold?

Winter Stats

One of my duties at the station is also as the everyday handyman as I have a series where I tag along with Unique Home Solutions while they do everyday jobs.  Over the next month we will focus on getting your home prepared for winter.  It’s something we do every time we are heading into the cold season and is certainly a valuable reminder to home owners.  A couple of quick reminders are…

  • Water is the number one enemy to the integrity of your home during the winter season. The constand warming and freezing of any standing water along or in crevices in your house will cost you in the long run.  Particular attention should be placed on the gutters and where they come in contact with your house.  Also make sure they are clean and free of leaves as the heavy weighted wet leaves may be enough to pull the gutter and the nails attaching it to your home down.
  • Drafts can cost you hundreds of extra dollars each winter season in excess bills and fees from the electric and gas companies. There are many easy and fairly quick fixes to limit the draftiness of your home including draft blockers for doors, windows and even electrical outlets.  These for the most part are not difficult to install.
  • Give your lawn a quick once over to ensure anything spikey is not left out. A metal rake or anything else can pose a dangerous risk once it snows.  You should also wrap up and bring in if possible any hoses as well as cover any outside faucets to keep them dry over the winter.
  • Don’t forget your pets. Have a plan for what to do when the weather turns cold.  You should know what is considered cold for your pet.  Some breeds are born for the cold weather and love it, while others are certainly a lot more sensitive to the chill.

A brief warm-up arrives on Sunday:

While we are tracking the cold for later this week we actually start off the week with another teaser of spring like weather.  Highs on Sunday should hit the mid to low 50s with highs on Monday near 60.  Even Tuesday shouldn’t be too bad with highs in the mid to upper 50s.

Rain chances will go up late in the day on Tuesday.  I think most of the day will be dry and seasonal with rain arriving after 7pm.  Rain will be light and we aren’t expecting a lot.  While you may see a mention of snow flurries in some other reports I am fairly confident we will only see rain on Tuesday.  Temperatures should really remain too warm for snow through Thursday morning.

Here comes the cold:

The cold is set to arrive on Thursday with highs forecast at 36 degrees.  I could certainly see it colder.  The last time we failed to high the 40 degree mark was last April when we hit a high of just 38°  The cold weather will stick around for a few days with us forecasting highs in the mid-30s for Friday and low 40s for Saturday.  While off the 7-day forecast right now, data coming in is indicating another deeper push of cold air arriving next Sunday.  Teens may be possible as we start the week of the 16th across the state.