Speedway residents practice up for new roundabout

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. (November 8, 2014) — Folks are preparing for the opening of the first roundabout in Speedway next week, by practicing driving around them.

A scale model of a roundabout was created in the parking lot of Speedway High School and people were able to drive a golf cart around it.

Speedway’s first roundabout is being built where 16th Street, Main Street and Crawfordsville Road all come together.

The town’s executive director says they are the way to go.

“Roundabouts are safer. If you have an accident, it causes lots less damage. It allows for traffic to flow much easier,” said Scott Harris. “You don’t have these stop signs and complicated waits. And, it reduces pollution. There’s a whole host of good things.”

The new roundabout is set to open on Sunday, November 16.