What did the Colts do during their bye week? Find out here!

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INDIANAPOLIS –The Colts bye week is coming to an end, but for many members of the team the break will not be forgotten.

After doing some research on social media and interrogating the players in the locker room before they departed for vacation, I think it’s safe to say the Horseshoes live by the mantra “work hard, play hard.”

After nine weeks on the grind, the Colts finally got some down time and each guy had different ideas how to spend his five days of freedom.

“A light, little jog…ride a little bike…play with my kids…have a little fun,” said defensive end Cory Redding.

“I’m going to Miami for a little bit and then going to Atlanta, so a lot of traveling,” said reciever T.Y. Hilton.

“I’m going home to Miami and just hanging with my mom, both my brothers and my dad. I just want to chill out for a minute, even though I’m going to be a football fan, college football, you know, LSU and Alabama playing so my eyes will be glued on that,” said defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois.

“I’m just visiting my fiance. She’s in law school, so just spend time…family time,” said cornerback Vontae Davis.

While Davis was at the University of Illinois visiting his fiance, he also spent some time helping out the football team he used to play for before entering the NFL draft in 2009.

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Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck spent time in sunny Phoenix, Ariz., where he squeezed in some good meals in preparation for his commentator role during the broadcast of the St. Louis Rams versus the Arizona Cardinals Sunday afternoon.

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Defensive end Arthur Jones tweeted his was in the Windy City with his wife and that he took her “on a one day shopping spree for her birthday.”

Punter Pat Mcafee traveled to California with some friends where he took his skills to Hermosa beach. His friend posted a video on YouTube of him punting a ball into the sunset. McAfee tweeted the video and included a caption that read: “Can’t lose the swing during bye week….mixing work with pleasure…luckiest guy on earth.” byeweek #LifesABeach.”

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I  know you’re wondering what quarterback Andrew Luck was up to. When I asked him his plans at the beginning of last week, he laughed, “What’s my plan? I don’t want to give away my plan.”

Luck stays off social media, so I found a fan on Twitter who was able to track him down. Jeremy Pizzino tweeted “Pretty cool. Where is Andree Luck on his bye week? Here in Beckley, West Virginia to watch his brother win the WV State High School Soccer Championship.”

To sum up the Colts’ off-week adventures…I believe McAfee’s tweet says it best: ”hashtag solid bye week.”

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