Father discovers lewd texts allegedly sent from 48-year-old neighbor to teen son

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 11, 2014) - Police are investigating after a father discovered alleged lewd text messages from his 48-year-old neighbor to his teenage son.

Sunday, he called the police, and then he called FOX59.

He described them as graphic and stomach churning pictures, all on the iPad of his 14-year-old son. But he said after he started asking his son questions, he discovered his 16-year-old son had been involved with this man as well.

“Absolutely, it was my worst nightmare, for sure,” said the father whose identity we’ve chosen not to reveal out of protection for his sons.

“I found a whole bunch of pictures of genitalia, inappropriate conversations. This man had my child calling him 'daddy,' telling him he loved him,” said the father.

The man, he said, is his ex-wife’s neighbor.

“It sickens me to even talk about it. I couldn’t believe that a 48-year-old man would say that to a child,” he said.

He said the neighbor has children of his own and was someone he and his ex-wife trusted.  The father said this man often took the neighborhood kids to the gun range or the park for an afternoon of play.

“He said I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I said son, don’t apologize to me, it’s not your fault, you’re the victim, this man was manipulating you,” said the father.

It’s that manipulation though this father fears that led to more than just text messages.

“When he tells you to wear red underwear whenever you come to his house, when he tries to hold your hand when you’re riding in the truck, these are the things that he was coming out a little bit at a time as the hours progressed and telling me more and more,” he said.

Police officers took cell phones, computers, and his son’s iPad.  The father says he wishes he’d seen the signs long before it got this far.

“This guy was 48 years old and my ex-wife thought he was a good guy and OK to hang out with and he has a decent job and he has children and everything seemed OK but she wasn’t monitoring their messages. You have to control the internet; it’s a vicious, vicious animal,” he said.

Police told FOX59 Tuesday that these investigations often take weeks, but the cybercrime unit will have all of the technology involved in the investigation by 2 p.m. Wednesday.