Hollywood inspires hope in central Indiana with new movie

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 11, 2014)-- One of the biggest movies of the year-- God’s Not Dead-- is inspiring a paradigm shift around the world and now, in central Indiana!

Hollywood is calling this the year of the Bible with feature films like Noah, Son of God, Heaven is for Real and now, God’s Not Dead. They bring messages of hope in hopelessness and the power of faith to the big screen. Now, Hollywood is now bringing this message to Indy and it`s hitting close to home. It’s a message bringing hope where there is hopelessness and peace in the midst of increasing violence.

FOX59’s Fanchon Stinger caught up with actor and producer David A. R. White. She found him on the set of his new movie Do You Believe due out this spring.

White said if we change the values and the culture of our society, it will change the senseless violence, abuse, and pain that cripples so many communities and families.

“I'm for city programs. I'm for cleaning up the streets and all of that stuff, but I think that unless, without Jesus Christ at the center of that, I don't think a city can truly heal because he is the healer,” said White.

White, who co-founded Pure Flix Entertainment, has a ministry that goes along with his movies like God’s Not Dead. He actually puts out daily devotionals, study guides and educational materials with his movies designed to take people deeper and really change lives.

He worked with pastors and youth groups around the world, always bringing the biggest topics people struggle with to the big screen. White said this paradigm shift is so big, Hollywood`s largest studios are knocking down his doors because they want more.

“They're realizing there is an audience that is hungry for this kind of spiritual content, uplifting, life affirming content that can ultimately shape and change our values and our culture,” said White.

Tommy Stump, 15, did the in-depth study on God’s Not Dead with his family and youth group in Indianapolis. He said David’s messages resonate in a big way.

“I would really like to thank him, because it really opened up my eyes to some of the things that have been going on. It made me want to listen more and dig deeper into my faith and that`s a really cool thing, not a lot of movies can impact somebody as much as this has,” said Stump.

The key to stopping the violence, David said, is changing people’s hearts.

“If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you have everything,” said David. “You don't need anything else that this world has to offer. “

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