Town of Speedway celebrates opening of new roundabout

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SPEEDWAY (November 16, 2014) — The town of Speedway held a ribbon cutting on Sunday to make way for the town’s first roundabout.

The Speedway redevelopment commissioned held the event at the intersection where Main Street, 16th Street and Crawfordsville Roads all come together.

The celebration featured IndyCars and 18 wheelers taking the first turn on the new roundabout.

Doug Boles, president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was on hand for the celebration.

“For everybody that travels through here every day trying to get downtown to work going past the speedway even coming in on race day this will be really exciting because the traffic is gonna be a lot easier from a safety standpoint,” Boles said. “We’re gonna have less problems with the intersection in terms of accidents and just difficulty getting through.”

The roundabout officially opened at 5 a.m. on Monday.