New technology aims to better track offenders, predict crime

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 19, 2014) - About 800 offenders in Marion County wear a GPS monitoring device providing valuable information on their whereabouts. New technology will analyze the data collected by monitoring devices.

A company called Track Group already supplies the ankle bracelets to the county and it's launching a new analytics tool beginning this December. Corrections officers and police will be able to use the information to identify potential problems.

"The idea is that that's what we're building into being able to predict trends as to where crime may occur or people that may commit them because again we're able to analyze," said Jim Walker, vice president of sales for Track Group.

According to Indianapolis public safety officials, 90 percent of suspects and 80 percent of victims have a criminal history.

Walker said the company collects millions of data points everyday but that data was being underutilized. By analyzing the information, he said it will be easy to see behavior patterns.

"That's where the value of that data is going to come from, by being able to mine all of that data from before we're able to now figure out where people should be and what they should be doing and then when they go outside of that norm then we can go do something about it," said Walker.

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