North side residents left out in the cold by apartment management

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Nov. 19, 2014)--Residents at an apartment complex on the north side of Indianapolis are braving the cold without heat.

The Marion County Health Department received a complaint Wednesday afternoon from tenants at the Glendower Apartments.

An inspector was sent to the property.

"There was no heat at the apartment complex," said Lara Morgan, with the Marion County Health Department.

The department considers this an 'emergency' repair.The property manager will have 24 hours to remedy the problem. If it's not fixed, the case will move to court.

"Our calls for no heat are frequent in the winter," said Morgan.

FOX59 spoke with one of the property owners who is based in California.

He acknowledged that the boiler was broken, but said it is not a simple or inexpensive fix.

The residents at the Glendower apartment complex are doing everything they can to stay warm.

"For the last week and a half I've been using my irons," said resident Michael Lawrence.

Lawrence, along with several others have been forced to use their stove-tops and ovens to heat their apartments.

The National Fire Protection Association strongly discourages using this method for heat.

The Glendower Apartments, 3630 N. Meridian St., has recently undergone a shift in management.

Resident Josh Griffin says the sound of pipes rattling is unbearable when the boiler is up and running.

"Metal hitting together, it's like two people having a sword fight with metal poles," said Griffin.

"If you pay your rent on time and you take care of your business, then you shouldn't have to go through this," said Lawrence.

The Marion County Health Department will be back at the apartment complex Thursday afternoon for another inspection.

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