A soggy Sunday gives way to a return of the chill for the work week

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Rain chances will actually go up this evening into the overnight hours as boundary continues to lift to our north.  Sunday morning should be dry when the sun is coming up with temperatures likely remaining in the mid-40s.  Sunday should be the warmest day we’ve seen in over ten days.  The last time we hit 60 degrees was on the 11th of this month when we hit 61.  We may even approach the 66 degree high on the third of the month for our afternoon highs on Sunday.

A soggy Sunday


Sunday will be soggy with the potential we could see up to an inch of rain widespread with some isolated higher reported totals.  If it wasn’t for the expected rain Sunday would be by far the best and most comfortable day of the week.  If you loved the 55 we hit today for a high you are going to love Sunday’s high.  We are expecting to be close to 60 degrees with a day much like what you saw on Saturday.  There will be long breaks in rain with mostly cloudy skies.  Winds will remain breezy, pulling in warmer temperatures from our south.

While a good chunk of the day will be dry (mainly morning hours after sunrise through the early afternoon) rain chances will begin to go up after 3 pm and possibly even earlier than that.  We are mostly expecting to see light rain showers with a couple of claps of thunder as the rain progresses from the southwest to the northeast.  Rain rates will not be high enough for us to have any flooding concerns even with the last of the snow melting from last week.

Zach and I talked about the potential for the roof to actually be open for the Noon Colts game earlier today and while it is unlikely that will happen due to the rain chance, I can’t completely rule out the possibility they will open it.  Temperatures should actually be warm enough to at least talk about the possibility.  Has the roof ever been open in late November?  If things stand how they are at least for right now it appears that we should be dry for most of the game.  I do think rain is at or near the stadium by the end of the game.

Well that was….abrupt…


Enjoy the warmth while you can because by Sunday night it will be coming to an end quickly.  On the backside of the low that will bring us the rain chance will be a return of the chill.  Temperatures will go from the mid-40s at Midnight on Monday to the 30s by the afternoon.  Snow showers will be possible Monday morning and early in the afternoon as well as the cold air filters in from the north.  For the rest of the week the warmest day will be on Wednesday when we are forecasting a high of about 41°.  Thanksgiving looks chilly with the potential for snow.  There is a huge gap, however, in what each model is forecasting for Thanksgiving Day though.  Enjoy your night!

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