Monday should be a wild weather day

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Expect a wild and crazy weather day on Monday as temperatures may go from the mid to upper 50s at midnight down to the 30s by the end of the afternoon.  Winds will be strong so you’ll certainly want to keep two hands on the steering wheel when heading out.  The unseasonably warm weather on Sunday will give way to a chance for snow showers by the end of the day on Monday.  Some light accumulations cannot be ruled out.



Rain slows down but scattered showers will continue overnight tonight.  While winds will be whipping overnight it won’t be anything like what we will see during the day on Monday.  Overnight temperatures will remain mild ahead of the cold air that isn’t expected to arrive until after 7 am on Monday morning.  Morning temperatures before 5 am will likely be in the 50s still!  Conditions should make for some great sleeping weather overnight.



From the fifties to the thirties through the day with strong wind gust coming in from the northwest after a front pushes through.  Temperatures will be falling and it won’t feel very pleasant to those venturing outside.  Wind gusts may top 45 mph.

We shouldn’t see a lot of sun throughout the course of the morning and early afternoon and in fact snow showers will be possible late.  At this time it appears places northwest of Indianapolis like Lafayette and Boone County will have the best chances to see any snow.  This is also an area that may see some accumulations although anything trying to stick to grassy areas won’t amount to much.

The rest of the week:

The forecast has remained steady with temperatures remaining about ten degrees below the average for this time of the year.  Highs will be in the 30s most days with Wednesday likely being the warmest day this week after the chill arrives.  There remains a chance for some light snow on Wednesday evening through the early Thursday morning hours.  Roads may be slick in spots to start off the day on Monday.

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