Steady rain arrives this afternoon

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Here comes the rain.  We are still on track to see significant rain falling this afternoon with us expecting to see about an inch of rain widespread across the state.  Some isolated communities may see up to two inches of rain.

Colts forecast:


If you’re heading downtown to enjoy the colts game or any other activities you’ll want to grab the rain gear.  Things will likely be dry as you are heading into the stadium but rain will arrive during the game.  The roof will be closed.  Technically with temperatures near 60 at the start of the game you should be able to leave the heavy jacket at home.  Winds will make it feel several degrees colder than what it actually is.

Rest of the day today:

Metro Vision Tonight

A soaking rain arrives after 1 pm today.  Rain will likely last through at least 10 pm.  The heaviest rain, with a low chance for a few rumbles of thunder, will push through from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Rain rates during this time period may hit a quarter inch per hour in some areas.  Flooding concerns are low at this time but we may have some river flooding throughout the work week.

Next week:


The chill is set to return with Monday technically being the warmest day of the work week.  Monday’s high will be reached at midnight and will likely be near 50 degrees before temperatures are set to fall.  By Monday afternoon temps should be near 40 degrees with colder weather to our northwest.  Highs on Tuesday will be in the mid-30s with Wednesday highs near 40.  By the end of Wednesday we may see snow falling.  Snow may continue through the overnight hours and be around as the sun is coming up on Thursday.  Thanksgiving Day will be chilly with highs likely reached in the morning and slowly falling temperatures throughout the day.

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