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VIDEO | Colts’ T.Y. Hilton ‘rocks the baby’ in end zone to celebrate daughter’s birth

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INDIANAPOLIS — For T.Y. Hilton, Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars is one that will stick with him for the rest of his life. He not only aided the Colts to victory with a 73 yard touchdown catch, but just hours prior to the game his wife gave birth to his first daughter.

Eugenia Emma Hilton wasn’t due until Dec. 15, but when Hilton got an early morning phone call while at the team hotel he rushed to the hospital just in time for her arrival.

“I was holding her about 11:15, just rocking her and then I said ‘Baby, you want the game ball or do you want a touchdown ball?’ That was my goal to get both of those,” said Hilton.

The receiver booked it to Lucas Oil Stadium to be part of a critical division game against the Jags.

“Coach just told me ‘Hey, just be here before one.’ I was pushing it on the highway hoping there were no police behind me. I just wanted to be here for my team,” he said.

Hilton did his part by getting the second longest touchdown catch of his career. Instead of his normal “T-Y” end zone dance, he celebrated a little different by “rocking the baby to sleep”.

“It was very emotional the whole game,” said Hilton. It just broke loose after I caught a touchdown. I was running and I got in the end zone and it just all came through.”

The whole team expressed excitement after the game.

“T, you know, he deserves it,” said running back Trent Richardson. “His family deserves everything that’s going to happen to them and everything that’s going to come to T.Y. because he’s a play maker and he tries hard and he’s out there everyday giving his all.”

“Life is always a beautiful thing. I’m so happy for him. He played a fantastic game. I’m happy he’s on my team and I can’t wait to see her,” said defensive tackle Arthur Jones.

“I’m pretty sure that daughter is going to get that game ball,” said linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. “We’re all happy for him and the sky’s the limit with that kid.”

Hilton hopes his little one will follow in his footsteps.

“She might be little ghost,” Hilton said while laughing.

Despite running off only three hours of sleep, Hilton went straight back to the hospital following the game to celebrate the big day with Eugenia Emma and his wife.