Surveillance video catches suspected ‘serial burglar’ in action

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (NOV. 24, 2014)--The serial burglar who police believe is responsible for at least six burglaries in Indianapolis, appears to have struck again.

Monday morning, the "Mexican Grocery," 9546 Allisonville Rd., was burglarized. It’s the second time since October that this location has been targeted.

Surveillance video shows the man smashing the front window just after 5 a.m. His face is covered and he is wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Once inside, he opens up the cash register. Store manager Oscar Ramirez says the register was empty.

"I could see that there was no glass.The first thing I thought was that it happened again," said Ramirez.

The burglar then forced his way into the back office. He stole about $2,500 in cash, according to Ramirez.

"The office was a mess," said Ramirez.

Surveillance video from several local businesses shows what appears to be the same person breaking in. Despite being labeled as a "serial burglar," he continues to steal.

On Sept. 16, the burglar was caught on an infrared camera as he stole two bottles of Crown Royal from the 86th Street Pub.

On Oct. 13, police say he hit the Dollar General located at 6908 S. Madison Ave.

"It makes you wonder if it's someone who knows the family," said Ramirez.

The family that owns the "Mexican Grocery" store also owns two other businesses in a north side strip mall. Both of those locations were burglarized on Oct. 30. Security video shows what appears to be the suspected serial burglar.

A Mexican restaurant in that same strip mall, 7940 Michigan Rd., was burglarized on Oct. 30.

Police say a dry cleaner in Broad Ripple, 4923 N. College Ave., was targeted by the serial burglar on Nov. 12.

"It seems like there’s no way to stop him. Everybody knows how he works, and he still can't be stopped," said Ramirez.

Ramirez says he’s scared that it might not be the last time his stores are targeted.

"What would happen if somebody was actually in the store working? We don’t know if he's armed or not," said Ramirez.

Ramirez says he's convinced that the person who broke in Monday morning is the same person responsible for hitting other businesses across the city.

"Even though you have the cameras even if you have an alarm system, he’s still breaking into these places and it makes you wonder if he's going to continue to do it," said Ramirez.

If you know who the person responsible for the string of recent burglaries, you are asked to call crime stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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