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Homeless mother with six children gets home for the holidays

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Photos courtesy of Fox8

GREENSBORO, NC (November 25, 204) – A homeless mother and her six children have a roof over their heads and warm beds to sleep in for the holidays.

And Fox 8 reports it’s not just because of the shelter that’s taking them in.

It’s also thanks to other homeless people who are helping out.

The mother who asked to remain anonymous said that due to hard times and being unsuccessful in finding a job she’s had to rely on friends to keep a roof over her six children’s heads.

So when a North Carolina shelter ran out of rooms, she had no place to go until they decided to open up a wing that hadn’t been used before.

The shelter didn’t think they could have a room ready for the woman and her kids, but others at the shelter, also down on their luck, stepped in to help and make it a welcoming place.

Joseph Mattison is staying at the shelter, and he told Fox 8 “Better to do something positive than negative. We just moved beds in so they would have beds to sleep in.”

The mother of six said, “Now I feel a big relief that I have somewhere stable to go right now until I get on my feet.”

And now these kids will have a warm home through the holidays.

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