Family hopes surgery will allow little boy to take first steps

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 26, 2014) - Several doctors said 2-year-old Colton Darst would never walk, but his parents are not giving up. They hope an upcoming surgery will allow the little boy to take his first steps.

FOX59 profiled the little boy more than a year ago when it was unclear if he would be able to walk. Colton was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, or AMC, causing his legs to be disfigured. The condition also affects his arms.

"They told us at 12 months they didn't think he was ever going to walk so they didn't want to fix his hip and they were just kind of content with trying to make him comfortable," said Michael Darst, Colton's father.

When doctors said Colton would not walk his parents, Michael and Amber, turned to an online forum for AMC. Their research led them to a doctor in Philadelphia. After waiting 10 months for an appointment Colton and his family made a trip to Philly where the doctor told them he believed the little boy would walk.

Colton is scheduled for surgery is mid-December followed by eight weeks in a full body cast. Once the cast is off he will be fitted for leg braces.

It's difficult to juggle Colton's needs along with the couples' two other children. Michael Darst is busy taking care of his family and working as a police officer for IMPD.

"It will be stressful but it will be worth it just to give him the chance to be able to walk cause he wants to walk so much now, he wants to be moving around and we try to teach him new things every day," said Darst.

The energetic little boy has been fitted with new leg casts every week since the beginning of October to get his ready for the operation. Doctors will perform surgery on Colton's left hip and both of his ankles. His parents hope their son will be able to walk by the time he's ready for school.

"We're giving it a little more time than two years but we want him to at least be walking on his own by the time he's five, maybe using a walker but at least he'll be walking," said Darst.

The Darst family is raising money for medical related expenses online.

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