With Cyber Monday here soon, don’t fall victim to a shipping scam

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Cyber Monday is right around the corner, but before you start buying online, we’ve got a warning for you. A shipping scam can have you handing over your personal information without even knowing it!

Phishing scams are running rampant. All the big shippers are now warning their customers about it.

FOX59 found online warnings from UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service, complete with fake emails put out by the companies to alert customers.

“I would say probably 75 to 80 percent of what we see are virus infections or security concerns based upon phishing scams,” said Jason Pongratz, owner of PC Help Services in Carmel, “It’s not surprising for this time of year. The shipping companies are well aware of it.”

The problem, Pongratz said, is the emails. They aren’t from the companies. Instead they are from someone trying to gain access into your computer. It’s commonly disguised as an attempt to track a package.

If you click the links provided, their job is done. Passwords and personal information is at their fingertips, and you may never know.

“Typically, what will happen is when you click on it, it will install a piece of software and the biggest risk to that software getting installed are giving someone you don’t know access to usernames, passwords, and social security information,” he said.

Pongratz advises that you protect yourself by looking for logos that don’t look right along with wording that includes heightened urgency, fake links, or misspellings.

“To be aware is the best medicine for sure,” he said.

Pongratz said typically older people fall victim to these types of scams simply because they aren’t as up to date with technology.

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