Logger’s discovery reunites woman with wedding ring lost for 55 years

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CENTRALIA, Wash. (Dec. 4, 2014) – It took five decades, but a family heirloom finally made its way to the right person, reports KCPQ.

In 1959, Hugh and Hazel Wharton disappeared while flying a small plane over western Washington state. Fourteen years later, hunters found the crash site, but there wasn’t much there, just a wallet and a few buttons.

In 1997, a logger named Nick Buchanan came across a diamond ring while hiking. He was certain the ring was connected to the crash. He kept it safe for nearly 20 years.

“I never once thought it belonged to me,” Buchanon told KCPQ. “I just was hoping that there was a daughter or a family member that I could turn it over to.”

Buchanan’s nephew and a friend did some online research, which led them to Joyce Wharton, the couple’s daughter.

“Sunday morning he called me and he asked me some questions,” said Wharton, who lives in New Jersey. “He says, ‘I’ve been looking for you.’ Then he said, ‘Joyce, I found your mother’s wedding ring and I want to give it back to you.'”

Buchanan mailed the keepsake to Wharton, who received it on Wednesday.

“You just think it’s impossible to get a ring back after all those years,” she said.

Source: KCPQ

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