Man accused in McChicken sandwich attack on wife: ‘I’d never want to be famous for that’

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DES MOINES, Iowa (Dec. 4, 2014) – He made international news over a McChicken sandwich.

Now, he’s trying to explain what happened.

Marvin Hill was arrested Tuesday in a domestic dispute. In the police report, investigators wrote “McChicken” under “tool or weapon used,” reports WHOTV.

What is it about the McChicken sandwich that Hill doesn’t like?

“There’s nothing about the McChicken,” Hill told the TV station. “I just…some of them have like cartilage in them and I don’t like them. It’s not something that you want to wake up to and then see like, oh, my wife brought me a McChicken.”

According to police, Hill and his wife got into a fight after she presented him with the sandwich Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t know. I was mad. I threw the bun at her hair,” Hill said. “After the bun hit her in the hair she started screaming hysterically and I was like dude, you’re…you’re freaking out for no reason. Chill out.”

Hill took out his cell phone and recorded what he described as a tantrum.

“I picked up our daughter. She goes to the bathroom to clean the mayo out of her hair and stuff and then I was filming it because she was cussing me out the whole time as I was holding out daughter and stuff,” Hill said.

“She hit me in my nose, she busted my lip and I was like, ‘Dude you just hit me while I’m holding our kid. Like, what’s wrong with you?’”

Hill couldn’t believe the reason behind his arrest.

“Like even the cops when they was talking to me they were like they really arrested you for that and I was like yeah. I don’t know what to tell you. That’s the only weapon I had…a McChicken.”

According to the police report, Hill’s wife said her husband pushed the bun into her face, causing redness on her nose. Police said Marvin Hill was the aggressor and was trying to get his wife to knock his phone out of his hands to make it appear as though she was the aggressor.

Hill says he and his wife have had their share of arguments over the past five years, but nothing that’s gotten attention like this.

“I mean it sucks. Because I’d never want to be famous for that. Nobody wants to be famous for beating their wife,” Hill said. “I just hope it goes away. Like I don’t want to be remembered as like the McDonald’s McChicken bandit dude.”

Source: WHOTV

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