Veteran with rare tumor wants to hear crowd at LOS before losing his hearing

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EDINBURGH, Ind. (Dec. 4, 2014)--A local Marine veteran was recently  diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  The tumor is in the ear.

Jon Templeman was active from 1999-2003.  He was also an airport firefighter.  Currently, he's a bedside hospice nurse.

"The Marine Corps taught me to adapt and overcome and I'm going to do that everyday," said Templeman

Vestibular Schwannoma, is a tumor found in the ear.

Templeman has elected to have the tumor surgically removed, however, there's a strong chance he could lose his hearing .

"Two weeks ago yesterday, I was called with the results and was told I have the tumor," said Templeman.

Templeman, an avid Colts fan fears that he will lose the ability to hear the roar of the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"That atmosphere is something special to be apart of," said Templeman.

The rare tumor is diagnosed in roughly 1-100,000 people.

"People  generally experience hearing loss, they generally experience balance problems. When the tumors get large they can experience facial numbness," said  Dr. Benjamin Copeland, a central Indiana Otologist
The father of two plans on having surgery as soon as possible, and wants people to be aware of the rare tumor as he prepares to tackle what he calls the most frightening time of his life.

He has been using the phrase 'Up and over' to help him through this difficult time.
"Up and over anything in my way in the same way the colts are determined to get into the postseason and go beyond.  I'm determined to get to my surgery and beyond," said
Templeman says he's determined to attend the final Colts game of the season to take in all of the sights and sounds for what could be his final time.

"Not to be pessimistic, but there is that possibility that this could be the last chance that I could hear the Colts with both of my ears working," said Templeman.

Templeman is raising money to fly out to California to have his surgery done by a specialist.  He has set-up a gofundme page.  There is also an account named "Up and over" at Fifth-Third Bank locations  as well as an account at Fifth-Third banks
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