Councilman helps clean up abandoned property

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Lawrence City Councilor Carl Barnett said it’s about time.

Saturday several council members joined him in cleaning up an abandoned property.

“As usual, it takes one person to voice their opinion and bring it out in the open,” Barnett said, who lives next to the home.

Last week he showed FOX 59 the conditions – problems with stray cats, tall grass and a failing façade. Barnett struggled to find any help from the city.

So a number of council members decided to clean it up themselves, a mix of both Democrats and Republicans, raking, mowing and trimming.

“It’s not about parties,” Councilor Steve Collier said. “Everybody wants to assign political partisanship. This is about helping our friend.”

Earlier this year Lawrence and Indianapolis received federal money to tear down abandoned homes in Marion County. The home next to Barnett’s didn’t qualify.

Since FOX 59’s initial story last week, Barnett said several people have shown interest in purchasing the home.

“This is a perfect example,” he said. “If you have an abandoned property in your community, or you have a property that looks bad, speak out.”


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