Homeowner catches thieves breaking into home with live camera app

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 18, 2014)-- Imagine watching someone break into your home as its happening in real time. That is what happened to one Indianapolis homeowner, whose sophisticated technology allowed him to see video of thieves break into his Broad Ripple house as the crime was happening.

Even though they got away before police arrived, they were caught on video.

The homeowner used a camera and mobile app to keep an eye on his home, and FOX59 showed Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Kendale Adams the video of the bold crime.

“It’s a brazen crime and certainly not something we see often,” said Sgt. Adams. “We have great video here and that will help our detectives in trying to piece this together."

The video posted on YouTube shows three men trying to enter the back of the house. After they had trouble entering the door, they eventually got desperate enough and kicked it in. Little did they know they were giving police the key piece of evidence to track them down.

“We have great video here and that will help our detectives in trying to piece this together,” said Adams.

More homeowners are arming themselves with video. Unlike older security expensive security systems, Matt Powell with Castle Wall Security and Video says this tool has become more available to everyday citizens. And thanks to internet accessibility, the cost has dropped significantly.

"The internet has helped because it brings the installation costs down and the equipment cost has come down quite a bit too, so what used to cost $1,000 you can get for almost $250,” said Powell.

Much like the system used to capture the Broad Ripple burglary, home security systems can be linked to your smartphone, computer or tablet. If you link the app to a camera in your home, many of them send push notifications if there's movement or activity while you're away. Then, you can tune in from the palm of your hand.

"You're sitting at work or vacation, wondering what's going on,” said Powell. “Now, you can actually just open an app on your phone and see it from anywhere, seeing what's going on in your house."

If you have any information, contact police.