U.S. 31 construction project in Hamilton County reaches new milestone

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 18, 2014) -- Another milestone has been reached in the ongoing U.S. 31 construction project on the north side.

The ramp taking southbound traffic onto 465 in both directions is now open, and it came just in time for Steve Anderson.

"Yeah, I think it's great, I just wish it would be done a little quicker because it seems like it's still not done," Anderson said.

The entire project is not done, but the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) says the conversion of U.S. 31 into a freeway is on schedule.

"Opening U.S. 31 to traffic before Thanksgiving with the closure that was in place since April, that was a huge step forward. Also getting this ramp open to traffic before winter weather really sets in is just one less thing that the contractor has to do next year," said Nathan Riggs, spokesman for INDOT.

Everything new takes some getting used to. There are fluorescent orange signs with arrows explaining what lanes go where. U.S. 31 branches off to the new ramp at 103rd Street, so if you want to save yourself the trouble, move to the right as soon as you can.

There are similar signs for folks coming off 103rd Street. The ramp has permanent, clearly marked green traffic signs with arrows pointing to which part of the ramp goes where.

"With the flyover ramps being elevated, they do tend to freeze up faster so motorists should be aware of not only this location with it being a new bridge, but all bridges and ramps," Riggs said.

The idea of having even the slightest ease in congestion during this construction is appealing to Lisa Silvola.

"It's amazing now, so that's great," she said.

INDOT officials remind you to make sure to pay attention to the construction speed limit that is still in place.