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Pat McAfee dresses up for the Colts’ travel day to Texas

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Pat McAfee sports a full Western outfit as the Colts traveled to Texas to face the Cowboys on Sunday.

ARLINGTON, TX – It’s something that happens only about once a decade thanks to the NFL’s scheduling system.

Pat McAfee wasn’t going to waste this rare chance.

Oh, he’ll be ready for the Colts game on Sunday with the Cowboys in Arlington-the first for the team on the road against that franchise since the 2006 season. In fact the Colts will need his kickoff and punting expertise if they hope to beat the NFC East-leading Cowboys.

But McAfee wanted to get in the full spirit of the trip in a different way-his wardrobe. He first showed it off on Twitter before the team plane left for Texas and then again as they team entered their Arlington hotel.

Cowboy McAfee? Sheriff McAfee? Each description would work for the punter’s Western attire for the team’s trip.

"I think if you're coming to Dallas to play the Cowboys-we only do this once every seven years from what I heard-I think you have to dress the part," said McAfee.

The punter wore a black Cowboy hat, suit and boots along with a necklace for the trip which McAfee said he bought at Cowpokes in Anderson.

It comes after a big week for the punter who was named the franchise's community Man of the Year. A few days later, he traded comfort for a bit of fun as the team gets ready to play its second-to-last game of the year.

"Getting a chance to wear this on the plane is pretty epic," said McAfee. "The reaction was pretty hysterical and these pants are very uncomfortable. These boots are uncomfortable but I'll be excited to put on the uniform tomorrow and get after it."

To watch Fox 59's Chris Hagan interview "Cowboy" McAfee, click on the video above.